Marden Road, Staplehurst

TN12 0NE

Currently located within the Greenbelt boundary on the edge of Staplehurst village, the site offers development potential and we are working with the local authority to promote the land for future development, potentially offering in excess of 100 dwellings. The site is currently accessed from a drive, which runs to the eastern edge of the site. Proposed, as part of the development, is a new access road directly from Marden Road.

Borough:                         Kent
Use Class:                       Greenbelt
Site Area:                        14 acres
Listed:                              No
Conservation Area:     No

The site is located to the west of Staplehurst midway between Maidstone, to the north, Ashford, to the east, and Tonbridge, to the west. The site is located at the western edge of the village, beyond the residential developments of Oliver Road, Jeffrey Close and Stanley Close, on the south side of Marden Road.

Location Map